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William Shakespeare was born on 1564, 26th April, Stratford, we do not know his exact birth date. He was an English Poet and playwriter and is now regarded as one of the greatest writers on the English Language. His surviving work consist of 38 plays, 154
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sonnets, and 2 long narrative poems. His plays are so popular they have been translated into every major language and have been preformed more than any other play writer.
He owned part of the playing company, Lord Chamberlains Men. His two theatres that he loved were The Globe and Blackfrairs. His most know work was produced between 1590-1613, most of his early plays were comedies and histories. He died on April 23th 1616, after retiring to Stratford three years previously, and he was only 52 years. He was raised in Stratford-upon-Avon. In 1997 he bought his new house there "New Place". He travelled to London 1585-1592 whre he lived in ST Helen's parish.. There are no records of what William Shakespeare did for do between living in Stratford and travelling to London in 1585, where he had a successful career as an actor, writer. There is also no record of when he started writing his plays, but by 1992 a few of his early plays began appearing on the London stage.
He married at the age of 18 to Anne Hathaway, and had 3 children. Few records survive of his private life, and there are many questions about his is sexuality and religious beliefs.
He was a well known poet and play writer, but his reputation did not rise until the 19th century when the Romans and Victorians admired a lot of his work. His plays remain highly popular today.

Shakespeare's Dad!

For an interesting take on Shakespeare, try watching Sir Ken Robinson talking about creativity. He talks about Shakespeare as a boy about 6 minutes 45 seconds into the clip.