So, this is a chill page. There are some games where you have to use your imagination... for instance KING OF THE HILL.


KOTH - Instructions

OK, here's how to play. Let's say there is a hill... I walk up it and the hill is mine. If "Lysander" wants to take it off me, he uses his imagination. The way he captures the hill can be anything he imagines. For example, Lysander Says: "I charge up the hill push the fairy into a shopping trolly and roll him down the hill into a pit of lava... the hill is mine!" ...and keep going with different people.
It's just a bit of fun after you've been at school all day, or working on website, or even homework...

So, now you've got the general idea, I'll start...

KOTH - Game

  • Dantherandomfairy2c2 walks up the hill, makes a camp, the hills is MINE!
  • Macbeth comes along with his 3 witches. The first witch turns Dantherandomfairy2c2 into a kite, the second witch calls up a strong wind to carry off the kite, and the third witch zaps the kite into dust with lightning... Macbeth is King of the Hill! Bwahahahaha....
  • Starveling knocks out Macbeth and the 3 witches with special "knocking out magic" kicks them down the hill, and then sets up camp Captured!!
  • Dantherandomfairy2c2 staggers up the hill still glowing with electricity, now that the kite morph has worn off, as he wanders to the top of the hill he notices the gates of the settlement are open, he walks in and sees a sign saying OUT TO LUNCH, giggling to himself he locks the gates from inside, Dantherandomfairy2c2 is yet again, The King!
  • As Starveling walks back with his can of spinach, he sees Dantherandomfairy2c2 has captured his settlement, he furiously rips open his spinach and eats every last bit of it. He then grows amazing muscles, smashes the settlement and chunks Dantherandomfairy2c2 out!
  • Dantherandomfairy2c2 reviving from the wrath of the spinach muscles, thinks of a most evil plan, he sets up catapults at the bottom of the hill and fires stink bombs up, Starveling is knocked out due to the smell, Dantherandomfairy2c2 puts on his gasmask, wanders up, throws Starveling into the catapult and fires him away, then gets a can of oust and cleanses the stench of the pungant stink bombs, The is MINE!
  • Hermia101 sees that an un-exploded stink bomb has rolled down the hill. She picks it up and chucks it back. She hears Dantherandomfairy2c2 screaming that he hasn't got any oust left. She laughs goes up the hill with a hanky over her mouth and nose, points her finger at Dantherandomfairy2c2 and he disapperears. Where has he gone? Only Hermia knows. She puts down her belongings. It's over the hill now belongs to ... ME!!!!
  • Now Duffy 101 sees her plan coming into being. Forseeing that Hermia would use the stink bomb and protect herself with the hanky she has sprayed the hanky with chloroform. Hermia101 is now under the hankies anesthetic and is sleeping in the floor. Duffy 101 walks up the hill and rolls Hermia101 down to the bottom where she falls into the river and is swept away. The hill is mine!!!
  • Duffy 101 starts making a large amount of chloroformed hankies. Starveling reconising this from the drowsy gas at the bottom of the hill, uses magic to make a protective bubble. He floats up and bounces of everything until the factory is destroyed, the hill is mine!
  • Hermia101 has finally got herself out from the river. She sees that Starveling is now at the top of the hill. She makes herself a fire and makes the smoke form 'Hello Starveling I have lots of gold come and get it!' Starveling being greedy marches down the hill to see the 'gold' Hermia101 grabs him and pushes him in to the fire. His bum catches fire and he jumps into the river and floats away. The hill is mine
  • With the chloroform factory destroyed Duffy 101 awakens from her coma and looks out the window to find Hermia and Starveling engaged in combat at the bottom of the hill. She laughs, "fools!!" she says "This castle is mine" as she promptly locks the front door.
  • Now that Dantherandomfairy2c2 had awaken, he finds himself in some sort of box room that Hermia101 placed him in, as he leans against the wall and draws out a sigh, he falls right through the wall, and appears on the castle walls, outstanded by this, he yells with glee so loud it knocks Duffy101 to the floor, as Dantherandomfairy2c2 realises this, he jumps down ties Duffy101 up, and throws her out of the window, to sit in depression of the lost castle with Hermia101 and Starveling, Mwuhahahahahaha! Castle would infact belong to, moi.
  • Hermia101 is fed up sitting being depressed so she runs up the hill and fires a bazooka over the castle wall Dantherandomfairy2c2 screams and run out the castle(well half of him does.) Hermia101 goes in and locks the door and puts up invisable shields all around the castle. She sees the other half of dantherandomfairy2c2 she picks it up and ties it to a flag pole for the whole kingdom to see. It's now mine all MINE!
  • So, Helena-1 finds out about this hill and decides that it's her turn to be king (or queen). She sees the flag flying high above the invisable castle and laughs under her breath. She fills up where she guesses is about the middle of the castle with water and floods Hermia101 out of the castle and back down the hill. She then grows a tall prickly plant as thick as a bus all around the castle and enjoys her time being king (or queen) and having a relaxing time in her new pool.
  • Hermia101 is enraged by being fooled by such a simple plan. She gets her fire breathing dragon called Paul to burn down the plants. She then gets her troll called Hal to smash down the wall grab Helena-1 and tip her upside down so her brains come out her nose. Then she gets Hal to build the castle back up again and settles down to have a nice slice of turkey. The hill is back in my ownership!
  • Helena-1 didn't think her friend Hermia101 was as stupid to think that it was her brains that came out of her nose but it was actually it was what was left of her cold. She cantered up on her horse to the castle which was not locked. She tied Hermia101 up with chains and pushed her down the hill and her dragon and troll followed after her. She then dug a huge moat around the castle and snuggled up in her nice cosy castle. The hill is now MINE!
  • Hermia101 uses her amazing skill to brek free of her chains but she has now lost Paul and Hal, so she uses her secret weapon Tim. Tim is a cat and when you look at him his cuteness will send you into a trance and Tim's owner can have you do anything they want. Hermia101 chucks Tim over and soon enough Helena-1 is in a trance so Hermia101 makes her walk down the hill get on a plane and go off to The North Pole. The goes into her castle. It's Mine
  • Hermia101 was stupid enough to buy Helena-1 a return ticket back to the hill. She flew back with her amazing new polar bear that knocked down the castle and ripped Hermia101 in two. She then built a lovely new mansion and locked the doors while her new polar bear guarded the door.
  • Dantherandomfairy2c2 uses his mind powers to bring his other half of the body off the flag pole, and back to him, he then stitches the 2 parts back together, and tames the polar bear, then after taming this bear, commands it to jump into the lava pit, now that was taken care of, he knocks on the door and says he is selling cookies, Helena-1 rushes to the door tastes one of the cookies, and then becomes unconcious, giving Dantherandomfairy2c2 time to walk in, lock the door, stand on the castle walls and throw down peanuts.
  • Hermia101 can't beleive how stupid she was to give Helena-1 a return ticket. She painfully stiched herself back together. Knowing that Dantherandomfairy2c2 was now the king of the hill she went to find Helena-1 to get revenge. She made Helena-1 get on a plane to The Artic with no return ticket. Then she goes back to the hill to deal with Dantherandomfairy2c2. She goes up to the castle and knocks on the door. When Dantherandomfairy2c2 opens the door she starts to sing so high and so out of tune that it knocks him out. She then puts him in a sack ties it and chucks the sack (with Dantherandomfairy2c2 in it) into the river. I'm the Queen of the castle!
  • Helena-1 who is now in the Arctic blows her special whistle that can be heard from thousands of miles away to her dragon as a symbol of help. Her dragon flies to her and she gets a ride back to the hill. Helena-1 calmly walks back up the hill with her pet spider called Webster. He then spins a web around her and she is stuck. Helena-1 quickly dumps Hermia101 in a boat and sends her of into the middle of the sea. The castle is all mine!
  • Hermia101 laughs at Helena-1's stupidity. Does she not know that if Hermia101 eats spider web she will become the most powerful woman in the world. Once she has finished eating the web she stands up and feels the power running through her. She flies to the hill and knocks. When Helena-1 answers the door Hermia101 snaps her fingers and BANG. Helena-1 is now giving off an extremly powerful stink from her armpits and is knocked out. Hermia101 (being as powerful as she is) simply breathes in the air and then blows onto Helena-1 who lifts into the sky and POP! She has gone to London City Sewage Works, so when ever she wakes up she is knocked out again by the stench. The castle belongs to Moi.
  • Lysander-04 has now heard about the castle and wants to gain ownership. so he decides to go to the castle and win hermia101's heart. after 3 days of serenading hermia101 falls for him and they decide to get married. what hermia101 dosent know is that beneath all the fancy groom attire is a terrible troll who will capture hermia101 and take her to a far of cave to rot and be his servant. as soon as the troll puts the ring on hermia101's finger she belongs to the troll. the troll runs away with hermia101 , who is kicking and screming. lysander enters the castle and rids it of all that reminds him of hermia101 and then he cries" Le Chatéau, C'est MOI!
  • Hermia101 has now learnt not to trust anyone. She goes back to the hill and walks up to the castle. She dresses up as Lysander-04's mum. When he answers the door he lets Hermia101 in and doesn't notice a thing. As soon as he locks the castle Hermia101 stabs him in the eye and he is blinded. Then she starts to pound him and screams you-no-good-lying-scum with a pound for each word. She then sends him off to her good friend Henny The Witch and tells her to make sure Lysander-04 is treated as badly as possible. She then walks back up to the castle and cast protective charms all around the castle. Finally she rids the castle of the 'Lysander-04 stench' and screams "Ha the hill is mine!"
  • Hippolyta1finds out about this castle and decides she wants it. She goes deep into the forest to retrieve the magic wand of Athens.She then goes to her fairy godmother's house to have a look in her spell book. After she climbes up the hill and as close to the castle as she can. Then she casts a mysterious spell that makes all the protective spells disapear. YAY! Hippolyta 1 walks up to the door and knocks, Hermia101 opens it and Hippolyta knocks her out with another mysterious spell. She then grabs her and rolls her all the way down the hill and deep into the forest to be eaten by all the horrible beasts within. Hippolyta1 dashes back up the hill and into the castle and locks the door and boards up all the windows. Yay, the hill is mine you fools :).
  • Little does Hippolyta1 know that Hermia101 is friends with the beasts inside the forest and she sends them to attack Hippolyta1 and bring the remians to her. Once the beasts bring back whats left of Hippolyta1, Hermia101 burns them. Then she walks up the hill and laughs. The hill is MINE
  • Helena-1 finds her handkerchief and covers her nose to block out the smell. She then goes to the hill and back up to the castle on her broom. She flies over it and pours a highly flammable liquid in the castle and sets it alight. Quickly Hermia101 runs out almost burnt to a crisp. Helena-1 grabs the frightened Hermia101 and flies as high as she can and throws her away at great height. She is nowhere to be seen. So Helena-1 puts out the fire and builds a lovely new castle to replace it. The hill is Mine!!!!!!!
  • when the one-eyed Lysander escapes Henny the witch's clutches he finds his forever faithful steed in the forest nearby. Remembering the evil that befell him last time he was in the castle on top of the hill, Lysander became very angry. Vaulting onto his steed they galloped of in the direction of the castle. After four days relentless travelling Lysander reaches the bottom of the hill. Once again Lysander comes up with a brilliant idea to lure the castle dweller down to the bottom of the hill. Lysander plants a beautiful but extremely rare flower at the bottom of the hill and waits. Helena-1 smells something beautiful coming from the bottom of the hill. Curiously she skips down to he bottom of the hill and sees the beautiful flowers. She rushes towards them and as she does she steps in a rope loop that Lysander had laid upon the ground. Helena-1 finds herself beng flung into the air by a gigantic bungee chord attached to a giant's catipult.When Helena-1 wakes up after landing she can see a huge blue marble type thing that is actually the earth. Laughing at the look on Helena-1's face as she rocketed to the moon, Lysander rides up the hill, knocks down the pitiful castle that Helena-1 built, and with the help of the Eight Dwarves, builds a Fortress... on an island that once was the hill. Happy with his creation Lysander roars out into te wilderness " THE HILL IS NO MORE. NOW I AM THE RULER OF THE ISLAND!!!"
  • Doubts says oberon. Oberon looks around and sees that lysander has the hill-he doesnt like that. he cunningly loads a catipult full of porkypines and flings it into the castle. lysander and his dwarfs run out in terror. Oberon just laughs and walks up to the fortress and collects the porkypines in. he takes over the fortress and eats the porkypines for dinner.the end! OBERON HAS THE HILL NOW! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA! *coughs*.
  • Hermia101 now hears that the castle has been made into and Island and is enraged to hear that Lysander has ownership. Hearing that Helena-1 is stuck on the moon, Hermia101 gets a rocket a flies to get her. Once Helena-1 is picked up, she and Hermia101 decied that the are going to work together from now on. The two girls then go back to a forest near the island and begin to plan how to over-power Lysander. Finally they come up with a plan. The next day they disguise themselves as two beautiful BollyWood dancers. They knock on the caslte door and Lysander opens it. While Hermia101 distracts Lysander with her amazing dancing, Helena-1 changes the water surrounding the island into acid. Then Hermis101 leads Lysander towards the acid water and pushes him into it. He is set on fire and his remains float to the bottom of the acid. The girls decide to keep the acid there as a gaurd to the castle. Then they go in and shout. THE CASTLE IS OURS.
  • Hippolyta1's fairy godmother discovers that her dear Hippolyta1 has been burned so she goes to find her ashes. When she does Hippolyta1's magic wand is lying beside her. She picks it up and mutters some strange words. Then a spark flies out of the wand and lands in the ashes. After a couple of minutes Hippolyta1 rises like a phoenix out of the ashes. Her fairy godmother tells about the island and Hippolyta1 want's it really badly. Hippolyta1 storms up to the acid river and spots a nearby tree. She uses her wand to magic up some rope and loops it onto the tree. She then swings onto the island where Hermis101 and Helena-1 are sitting drinking lemonade. Hippolyta1 shouts at them and they get up and run at her. Cleverly she steps to the side and they run straight into the acid river and burn to a nasty end . After that Hippolyta1 builds a stone wall all the way around the river and gets her ogre friends to keep watch for any imposters. For a bit of luxurey she also conjurs up some hot springs. YES! THE ISLAND IS MINE!!!
  • Little did Hippolyta1 know that Hermia101 and Helena-1 had made sure that the acid wouldn'e harm them in any way apart from making them wet.Once they get out of the acid. The know they have to make a plan. They have seen the ogres guarding the island but everyone knows that ogres are stupid. So on a particularly hot day the two girls sit under a tree and start to drink a refreshing glass of cool lemonade. They make sure the ogres can see them. Hippolyta1 really should take more care of her friends becuase the ogres are all instantly asking for some lemonade. "Just swim through the river and then you can get some lemonade," call Helena-1 and Hermia101. The ogres are so desprate for a drink that the all jump in to the acid and are frazzled. Then the girls simply wade through the acid and knock on the door. Hippolyta1 answers it and Hermia101 and Helena-1 pick her up. She struggles but two people are better then one. They throw her into the acid. The also find her fairygod mother. They break her wand and chuck her into the acid too. They are both frazzled to death. The girls go into the island castle and have a toast to the fact that they once again OWN THE ISLAND.
  • Hermia101 and Helena-1 think that they have got rid of lysander once and for all. but little did they know that when they dumped him into the acid river and watched his remains float to the bottom he became part of the earth. now as mighty and powerful as god he made a giant earthquake sink the island into the boiling hot core of the earth where Hermia101and Helena-1 were burnt to a crisp (mmm mcoys salt and vinegar) now lysander filled up the hole where the island had been and made a hill so tall that it blotted out the sunlight from the sky. No mortal would be able to climb this hillm, but lysander was no mortal he was the earth. when he had climbed the hill he built a fortress big enough to fit all of africa inside it.
  • Hermia101 and Helena-1 have an argument, in a hotel, in the centre of the earth and they decided that they are no longer going to work together. Hermia101 has heard about Lysander becoming the Earth but she has noe become Fire and Sea. She goes to the hill and climbs it with one simple step. She then floods Lysander out and makes sure she does enough damage as possible. She then burns him. Once she has got rid of Lysander, Hermia101 goes into the castle and thinks. She decides that a fortress the size of Africa is much too small so she extends it until it is big enough to fit the whol of Africa and Europe inside it.Then she hangs up a big banner outside the caslte proudly stating that: SHE ONCE AGAIN OWNS THE CASTLE
  • After that big arguement Helena-1 is really annoyed with Hermia101 so she leaves the hotel in search for the island. She quickly finds it, as it is so big but is surprised it is turned into a mountain. She brings with her, little fire creatures from the centre off the earth which are soo hot that they can burn something to a crisp in less than a second, however she can now stand that heat. They march up to the top and Helena-1 tells them to go inside and bring out Hermia101. When they bring her out she is burnt into almost nothing. Helena-1 chuckles and walks back inside with the fire creatures guarding the whole castle. THE CASTLE IS NOW MINE!!!!!!
  • -Remember you can continue playing this game by posting beneath this message, I'm adding a new game now if u wanna try that, make sure u dont post games in other games sections hope you have fun and someone take the stupid castle off me, im bored!-


    This is a game that will also put your creativity to the test! Once again, a simple game. Rules? Of course!
    1: At the end of each post will be a word. The object is to take that word, and make an acronym out of it. It doesn't matter what kind of acronym, just something that makes some sort of sense.
    2: Once you have the acronym, type it of course, but type it vertically. I'll give an example shortly.
    Example, if the word was "SPAM" I could create the acronym like this:
    S= Super-sized
    P= Peanuts
    A= Are
    M= Minging
    So have fun with this, be creative! I'll go ahead and give the first word then. The word is STUFF. once u have an Acronym for that word, make up a new one for the next person to do, dont make it to hard, and it has to be a real word :-) oh also, remeber to type your name at the top in brackets so we know who solved the "puzzle".


T= The
I= Icy
M= Motor
E= Explodes

L= Lisa
E= Exploded
V= Very
E= Excitedly
L= Lately


C= Crazy
A= Animated
T= Toads
C= Catch
H= Hogs



H= Hell
E= Eats
L= Little
L= Lamb
O= Omlettes

C= Chickens
H= Hatch
E= Evil
E= Eggs
S= So
E= Eat'em!

R= Rich
I= Indians
P= Pay
E= Extra

O= Only

S= Strange
H= Humans
E= Eat
E= Exotic
P= Pies










--i dont get the game.?



(oberon-ally) xx

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