Discursive Essay on why we should use more IT in Schools. (When reading this trying to imagine that there are different people writing each positive and negative paragraph!)

In this essay we will share with you what we believe to be the most important advantages and disadvantages of using IT in class. Even with out different opinions, we all believe that Learning can develop beyond pencil and paper into something productive, modern and an attractive Learning Method. This discussion is our opinions of whether IT should be in that vision.

I think computers will greatly enhance pupil's ways of learning. This has been demonstrated in our class. Our wikispace (Webspace) is a space where everyone can post comments, chat or discuss. Pages can be made individually, or everyone can pitch in, but the outcome of it is a great page full of imagination. Our ad-free Wiki was a special offer aimed at schools. Once you have a good space set up, then anyone in the world can read your comments or pages. They can (if you allow them) post comments or pages. You never know, that page on Shakespeare you put up has had a paragraph added from a boy in America. There are also many other sites, e.g. blogs, or custom webs, the sites go on, and on. In contrast to this positive there are also negatives.

During this part of the discussion, it will cover the area of the irresponsible pupil. In every school there will always be someone who abuses school equipment and rules. For example if more IT was introduced into schools it would be likely that someone would abuse someone by email use. Also the amount of sites blocked by Content Keeper would rise dramatically as bad pupils would abuse the privilege of using certain websites. If a pupil did the opposite of the teacher's instructions, the teacher may have to remove the pupil from the computer but have no back up work or writing work prepared. Even though it is only the bad pupils who will abuse this in the end and it would cause too many problems.

Although there are many positives, the negatives still stand out. often schools and parents can't afford computers in the school and at home which is no fault of their own. but would turn the idea of pupils editing the class page from home into an unrealistic dream. Even out of the families that do have computers only 61% have internet access. Also the amount of usable sites are dwindling as more and more are blocked by Content Keeper. In my opinion these idea's about IT can never be successful without careful monitoring, a more appropriate substitute to Content Keeper and a lot more money for computer at least in schools.

I believe using IT in class gives pupils more space for creative thinking and is far more engaging than plain old paper and pencil. it allows them to explore the capabilities of Class Projects using computers. There are some very good pages/sites out there, that can certainly be used. Once you've found one (IE Wikispaces) you can use it productively. Even with a lack of computers you should be able to set up "class groups" to get around that. I believe using IT in class will have many positive effects and bring around a good attitude in class.

Overall we have all enjoyed using IT (wikispace) in class and could be a very productive system in school but could need more publicity to get it up and running. There will also be someone disobeying teachers. This just means teachers must be strict and have less attractive work for misbehaving pupils. We all believe this could be great for learning for all pupils willing and we hope that in the near future more IT is introduced and other projects like wikispaces will get the "go-ahead", (hopefully when we are still at school so we can benefit!).