Helena's Page.

Helena's page is very similar to Hermia's because they are best friends in the play and they are involved in the same LOVE PATTERN.

  • She is tall, slim and blonde.
  • She is one of the four lovers.
  • She loves Demetrius throughout the play.


Act 1 Scene 1 :
At the start of the play Helena and Demerius were previously a couple. However, before the play begins, Demetrius has fallen in love with Hermia instead, leaving Helena devastated. At the start this what the love pattern looks like.

Lysander<-~-~-~-> Hermia<-~-~-~- Demetrius/<-~-~-~- Helena
Lysander and Hermia love each other but Hermia's dad wants her to marry Demetrius who loves Hermia too. This leaves Helena who still loves Demetrius left unloved.

Act 2 Scene 2: Puck accidently drops some love potion in Lysander's eyes, so he falls in love with Helena and abandons Hermia. Now they chase each other in a ring.

-~- Lysander <-~-~-~- Hermia < -~-~-~- Demetrius<-~-~-~- Helena <-~-~

Act 3 Scene 2: Oberon anoints Demetrius with the juice, and he wakes loving Helena. The pattern of Act 1 Scene 1 is now turned around, except that Helena can't believe Demetrius loves her so she refuses him. Hermia is left unloved, as Lysander and Demetrius quarrel over Helena. Finally they try to fight each other, and so do the two girls.

Hermia -~-~-~->/ Lysander -~-~-~-> Helena - - - ->< -~-~-~- Demetrius
Hermia/ Helena ............. Lysander/ Demetrius

Act 5 Scene 1: The love-juice has been washed from Lysander's eyes; he wakes up loving Hermia again. Demetrius goes on loving Helena; she accepts him. The original partners are all four friends again.

Lysander<-~-~-~-> Hermia ............ Demetrius<-~-~-~-> Helena

Helena. x