Hermia's Page-This is the page where you can find out all about Hermia
Hermia's name may be based on Hermes, the Greek God of commerce and dreams. This connects with the economic reasons Demetrius and Lysander desire her, as well as their demands to be in control of her psyche, or dreams. I got this meaning from the Wikipedia Website.

This is Hermia's story so far
· Hermia loves Lysander but her dad Egeus doesn’t like him..
· She is dark, small, fierce and brave.
· She and Lysander plan to run away.
· They are watched by Puck & he puts love potion in Lysander’s eyes and he wakes up loving Helena. He goes and follows Helena abandoning Hermia
· When Hermia awakes finds Lysander missing she thinks he is dead.
Hermia is part of a love story that invloves Herself Helena external image 1990.21_1b.jpg
Before the play begins Lysander loves Hermia and Demetrius loves Helena and both couples are friends.
Lysander<~-~-~-~-~>Hermia Demetrius<~-~-~-~-~>Helena

Act 1 Scene 1 :
Lysander<-~-~-~-> Hermia<-~-~-~- Demetrius/<-~-~-~- Helena
Lysander and Hermia love each other but Hermia's dad wants her to marry Demetrius who loves Hermia too. This leaves Helena who still loves Demetrius left unloved.

Act 2 Scene 2: Puck accidently drops some love potion in Lysander's eyes, so he falls in love with Helena and abandons Hermia. Now they chase each other in a ring.
-~- Lysander <-~-~-~- Hermia < -~-~-~- Demetrius<-~-~-~- Helena <-~-~

Act 3 Scene 2: Oberon anoints Demetrius with the juice, and he wakes loving Helena. The pattern of Act 1 Scene 1 is now turned around, except that Helena can't believe Demetrius loves her so she refuses him. Hermia is left unloved, as Lysander and Demetrius quarrel over Helena. Finally they try to fight each other, and so do the two girls.

-~- Lysander <-~-~-~- Hermia < -~-~-~- Demetrius<-~-~-~- Helena <-~-~
Hermia -~-~-~->/ Lysander -~-~-~-> Helena - - - ->< -~-~-~- Demetrius
Hermia/ Helena ............. Lysander/ Demetrius

Act 5 Scene 1: The love-juice has been washed from Lysander's eyes; he wakes up loving Hermia again. Demetrius goes on loving Helena; she accepts him. The original partners are all four friends again.

Lysander<-~-~-~-> Hermia ............ Demetrius<-~-~-~-> Helena

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