A midsummer nights dream!


Once upon a time deep in the heart of the Cloud city Monstropalis lived King Frodo and his wife Tyra. They had a son called Oberon. He was no ordinary child, he was a pure fairy prince. King Frodo had great plans for his son. However Oberon had other ideas, for he had fallen for Titania, a peasant born in the castle. She worked for Oberon and his parents as their servant. Titania and Oberon had become great friends during their childhood together. When Oberon told King Frodo this, he was furious and demanded to see Titania at once. When Titania went to see king Frodo she said that there was nothing he could do to stop their love but she would prove her loyalty to him by completing a task set by King Frodo. The task was to deliver four changeling children (Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia and Helena) to the city of Athens to the appropriate families. Titania completes the task and returns to the city to see the King.
“My Lord I have completed the task. The children have all been delivered safely to the appropriate families.”
“You have done well,” Boomed Frodo,” you now have my permission and blessing.”
“Many thanks my lord.”
Titania went from the room to tell Oberon.
The wedding was planned and a great number of guests were invited. Including The King and Fairy Queen, Titania’s human friends Alex and Annie who were so big that special enchantments had to be made so that they could fit in. This annoyed many people because most fairies believe that the secret of fairies should be kept secret forever.) The bridesmaids were to be made up of Titania’s new servants. Titania’s parents are at the wedding but they are not guests for they are needed to be servants carrying wine and food to for the guests. Titania is deeply angred by this but can not risk Oberon.
The wedding begins at 2.30 with The Fairy G.U.Y(Guy Unites Young) as the vicar. He is dressed in a purple robe with a cross made out of elm bark hanging around his chest. He calls everyone to their seats. Suddenly there is a great sound of wings and everyone looks up to see a magnificent dragonfly with red wings. On top of the dragonfly sits Oberon. He is wearing a green waistcoat with matching tights. He is also wearing a crown and specially made elf shoes which are believed to bring luck on a wedding day. Then comes into view a beautiful butterfly with pink wings and gold antenna. Sitting on top is the beautiful Titania, she is dressed in a beautiful gold dress with matching sparkly shoes. Her long blond hair flows down the back of her dress. The look is completed with a ivory tiara. Her silver wings have been encrusted with gold and glitter in the sunlight. The on lookers,”Ooh and Ahh,” at the lovely sight. Once the couple have touched down they join hands and and walk up to the G.U.Y and are married. The crowed cheers and the couple walk back to their seats. Frodo stands up to make a speech. "I would like to thank everyone for coming to this joist occasion. I am very pleased to have such a wonderful fairy joining the family. Enfact I have a gift for the couple. I have found them a forest in which they can start their very own kingdom." Titaina and Oberon walk up to the King to give their thanks.
"Now I would like to make a toast. To Titania and Oberon may you live happily together for a long time."
"To Titania and Oberon," say the croud. Everyone drinks deeply from their goblets, but sudennly there is a scream. Everyone turns round to see King Frodo thrashing around like an eel. His face slowly turns red and then he seems to fall into a deep sleep. Trya lets out a shriek and goes to check her husband. The on lookers all ready now he is dead. As in every fairy death the Heaven Fairies come down and put many silver rings around the King. He is lifted up into the sky like a graceful bird. And suddenly he has gone, but something floats down onto the place where he died. It is two peices of parchment attached to Frodo's crown. Tyra picks up on note and reads aloud.
"My people if you are reading this it means I have past away. I am sorry if I left you on a happy occasion but you should no I have gone to a better place. This is my will. I do not have much to pass on but,
To Tyra I leave the palace and all my possesions and have of my fortune.
To Oberon I leave half my fortune and the Crown of the Fairies, for you shall now take my place as Fairy King."
As soon as Tyra had finished reading the parchment it burst into flames and was turned into dust. Tyra then picked up the other peice of parchment. It was intilted:
Corener's Report
Tyra read over it and started to scream. She collapsed and burst into tears. Oberon picked it up and read aloud
"As you know it is standard procedure that we check over the body before we burn it and let it rest. We checked over Frodo and found that he was poisoned." The crowd gasped, but Oberon continued," The poison came into his body through a drink of some kind and was instanly fatal.


After the instance of “A Midsummer Nights Dream” Titania and Oberon decided to settle down and start a family. So they travel to a sacred pond, deep in the heart of a lonely forest, the forest of beginnings where they combine their magical powers and their love to make a potion. Then they pour it onto a lime green, lily speckled with drops of the early morning dew, which they push out into the misty realms of the pond. Both of them say a silent prayer as they watch the lily float away, until it goes out of sight. With new hope in their hearts they travel back to their fairy kingdom where they wait for fourteen painstakingly long days and fourteen nail biting nights. As soon as dawn arrives on the fifteenth morning they hastily travel back into the depths of the lonely forest of beginnings to the shore of the sacred pond. Here they watch and wait in anticipation as slowly a white flower floating on a lime green lily, speckled with the early morning dew comes into view, just as they had left it fifteen mornings before. Anxiously they wait for the lily to reach the shore. However when the lily does reach the shore they both stare in horror at its contents. Inside the white flower, where a fairy baby should lie there is only crystal clear water. As Titania breaks down in tears, Oberon cautiously reaches down to pick up the lily. As soon as the lily leaves the surface of the pond all the water drains out of the flower and lying there in Oberon’s hands is a fairy baby. Oberon and Titania cry and sing with joy after solemnly naming the young fairy prince, Aqua.