The actors used lots of stage props to the give a hide depth to the play. The first prop that they used was a paper wall at the back of the stage which is ripped apart when the fairies come to cause mischive. The paper being ripped shows that the fairies are causing trouble and that the calm atmoshere that was present before thay arrived is being destroyed. Another prop that was used was bamboo sticks which were used when the fairies were fighting. The sticks represent the nature of the fairies which is very effective because it gives you an idea of what to expect from the fairies as the play goes on. The last prop that was used is a web of rope that Puck spins around Lysande,Demetrius,Hermia and Helena when they are fighting. The rope divides all of the people up into sections where they are closed of from one another. This helps to give the feeling of the people being diveded because of there love. Overall, we think taht the props used help you to understand the play better than if there were no props at all.


We really enjoyed this play and would recommend it to anyone. The actors and the scenes were very good. There was a lot of rolling around in the sand to express the energy of their love. It was difficult to understand as it was in Indian (We thought it was difficult in old English try it in Indian!!!!)

By Darren, Jamie, Michael and Jamie