On this page you will find every there is to know about their costumes, or just about everything...

In Shakespeare's day they had very little. They had very few props, very little scenery, if not none at all and all of the actors were men! The one thing they did have though were amazing costumes, so first of all I think it would be a good idea to show you what some of the outfits would have looked like.

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The costumes that were worn in the Globe Theatre were beautifully coloured and were very expensive. This is becuse alot of the costumes were deonated by some of the rich patrons. The plays performed in the Globe were produced very quickly so they didn't have alot of time to make the costumes. This is why the costumes wern't always from the period the play was set in, alot of the time they were from the period the play was being performed in.

The female outfits would have been worn by young male actors. The female outfits had many layers to them and it would have taken a lond time to dress the actor for a show. The actor wore a Periwig (wig) which was an easy item to obtain in those days because people wore them all the time. The actors also wore make-up which was a white powder which was lead based and highly poisonous. This meant that alot of the actors who where playing a female role would have been, un-healthy, they would have had many skin diseases and many of them would have died because of lead poisoning. The boys who played female roles where payed the least amount of money only earning three shillings (15p) a week. This money would have been paid to their masters who would have given them their lodgings and a small amount of money to spend on themselves. So from what you can read from this this the young actors didn't have a great time and they didn't get paid alot for it either.